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首先是两个人的交汇:Hélène Garcin, 一位包含激情的女士, Patrice Levêque, 一个细致入微并尊重葡萄藤本真的酿酒人。他们种植葡萄的理念和对独一无二风土的着迷催生了这一毕生的事业,而这一事业在他们的婚姻之中得以升华,两人的结合供养着彼此的热情。


"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children"

A. De Saint-Exupéry.


A.O.C. Saint-Emilion Grand Cru
POESIA 产量35 000 瓶
种植面积 8,865 公顷
土壤 粘土
底层土壤 石灰石
葡萄品种 70% 美乐 - 30% 品丽珠
种植理念 有机且可持续种植
收获 手工采摘
发酵罐 40,000 -120,000升不锈钢桶
橡木桶与陈酿 60% 18-24个月法国新橡木桶
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April 29 2021
Great Value Wines: 12 Bordeaux 2018s under $40
In our report Bordeaux 2018: A vintage of Superlatives published last week (with nearly 1,300 tasting notes) James wrote that the reds of the 2018 vintage are comparable to those of 2015 and 2016, but in a more exuberant set thanks to the extreme growing season that gives the wines even more concentration. Yet they remain very “Bordeaux” in style. There are many good things to enjoy from both reds and whites in the 2018 Bordeaux vintage, with concentration, structure, and freshness underlined. The average score of 91.8 proves the quality, which is 0.1 points higher even than the outstanding 2015 and 2016 vintages. For the most sought-after bottles from those chateaux in the top tier, 2018 trends toward being a more expensive year, especially compared to 2019. But that does not mean there are no value bottles to be found. 

Many consistent but non-Cru Classe wineries that have been producing outstanding wines in the left bank, once again over-delivered at the prices they command, with great wines under $50 and some even under $30. Producers like Sociando-Mallet, Meyney, Haut-Marbuzet, Beau-Site, Lilian Ladouys, Chateau de Lamarque, Potensac, Le Crock, Siran, Haut-Bergey, and Lespault-Martillac are among the superb values from the left bank from 2018, and all scored 94-95 pts. Chateau Marsau and Puygueraud consistently over-perform from Francs Cotes de Bordeaux, an area in the catch-all appellation Cotes de Bordeaux that is easily overshadowed by its neighbor St.-Emilion, which itself is a trove of great value wines.

Below are 12 great value reds from 2018 currently available for less than $40 a bottle (mostly available with a pre-arrival price in the US market) and rated 94 points and up. These wines represent unparalleled value from some of the top appellations of Bordeaux, including St.-Emilion, St-Estephe, Pessac-Leognan, Pomerol, and Haut Medoc.

From a property owned by the Hong Kong businessman Peter Kwok, Château Tour Saint Christophe St.-Emilion 2018 (97 pts) is the best buy of all. Kwok also owns several other wineries, including Chateau Bellefont-Belcier, a grand cru classe in St.-Emilion, and Chateau Haut-Brisson, another great-value producer. He is also the owner of Chateau le Rey of Castillon Cotes de Bordeaux, which makes some fresh, racy, and unwooded red wines with some wines aged in amphoras that might revolutionize Bordeaux’s contemporary winemaking. Chateau Sansonnet is another winery in St.-Emilion whose advancing quality over the last decade shows in its 2018 vintage – a nicely hedonistic, merlot-based wine with density, layers, and polish.

Check out the following 12 bottles, buy in advance and keep them until they are ready to open up from 2022 onwards. 

– Zekun Shuai, associate editor

Poesia St.-Emilion 2018 – JS95 
Available at $34.99(Pre-arrival)